jeudi 6 mai 2010

soft launch for the cabinet

I seem to spend most of my time cleaning here, but gradually the dust is settling. I pass the vacuum cleaner every day, and a sponge over the desk, and wonder about the plumbing. The electricity works, though I try not to use too much. I'm online, just, via the neighbour's wifi, which is fine as long as they remember to keep it plugged in, but perhaps not good enough for reliable local hosting.

The last couple of years have been fairly quiet vis à vis clientèle...

But now I am open. All systems are go. There is naturally further bricolage to be contemplated in due course, but I don't immediately have to lift the saw, which is good because the saw can be somewhat stressful.

I will now give my full attention to marketing my gamut of services, principal among them editeur et chef de la rédaction (textes anglais), oeuvrier agricole, logisticien des vélos et cuisinier.

Je suis disponible sur place
Cabinet Beezer
44 Quai de Versailles, NANTES, 44000, France

ou par portable
06 76 44 93 86

ou par courriel electronique
dougie.carnall #all one word# AT.T gmail point com

tous le lundis, mardis, mercredis, et vendredis
1000h - 1200h, 1500h - 1800h

Vacances: Les Pâques, la fin juillet, aôut, et debut séptembre, et le noël/winterval (13 semaines)

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