jeudi 13 mai 2010

my first holiday

My first student arrived, but yesterday was un jour férié so we goofed off a bit instead of getting straight down to work, with a nice cup of tea on arrival. About five, we shared a bottle of beer and gave the sound system a run off the leash.

Despite the rest enforced by the respect for what is, in effect, the equivalent of the Whitsun bank holiday weekend, I tried as hard as possible to impress on my young colleague (an international scholar) the importance of not forgetting one's pencil in the dash for digital existence.

The prospects for a visit to this fine establishment later in the week seem good.

Detained by the neighbours, the planned ballade to the Île de Versailles was cancelled: we walked instead upriver, and serenaded a small convoy of electric boats hurrying home, the park (with its rental business) being about to close.

J'adorais ma nouvelle activité, sous un soleil assez brillant. Si mon nouvel metier passe toujours comme ça, il sera très bien.

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